The Professionals’ Academy:

The Professionals’ Academy (Coaching Centre & Computer Institute) is founded by the former Principal and Professors of Commecs College.

Our aim is to provide same quality education provided in elite institutions, at affordable fees.

The Founder

FounderProf. Sohail, an Educational Consultant and LMS Expert, did his M.Sc in Computer Science from University of Karachi and completed his M.Phil course work from Iqra University.
He did P.G.D in “Training of Trainers” from Cambridge and is a “Certified Career Counsellor” from Ministry of Youth Affairs.
Before establishing The Professionals’ Academy Prof. Sohail remained affiliated with “Commecs College” for 22 years, last six years as the Principal of Commecs College — PECHS Campus.

The Core Faculty — All Former Professors of Commecs College

Core faculty